‘This Is Us’ Recap: Randall Worries About Rebecca & Nicky Snaps At Kevin

This Is Us

Randall becomes concerned about Rebecca during their day out together on the Nov. 12 episode of ‘This Is Us.’ Plus, Nicky confronts Kevin about sleeping with Cassidy and it doesn’t go well.

Kate and Marc are still going strong. Randall is a little bit hesitant about Marc, but Rebecca doesn’t seem too concerned at the moment. She’s just happy that Kate is happy. Rebecca is pretty stressed over the fact that she needs to find a job. Randall offers to look at her resume and help her out. They go to a job interview and it doesn’t go that well.

When Randall overhears the employer saying he needs to see more applicants after Rebecca, Randall goes up to him and explains how great his mother is and how much she’s been through. The boss says that Rebecca doesn’t know how to use the software and that’s crucial. Randall promises to teach Rebecca the software. She just needs to be given the chance. Randall’s words go over well with the employer. Rebecca gets the job.

In the present day, Kevin is shutting out the world after hooking up with Cassidy. Nicky tells Kevin that he knows what happened, but Kevin doesn’t want to talk about it. Nicky doesn’t let it go. He calls Kevin a “human wrecking ball” and gives Kevin a really hard time. When Nicky says “shame on you” to Kevin, Kevin sees his father saying the same thing. Kevin heads straight to the bar but he doesn’t start drinking. He taunts fellow customers and gets into a fight.

Nicky goes to wake up Kevin and finds the trailer empty. He calls Cassidy, who hasn’t heard from Kevin either. They find him walking back to his trailer. They take some of the blame he’s feeling off his shoulders. Cassidy tells Kevin that he didn’t destroy her marriage. She did that all on her own.

Meanwhile, Rebecca and Randall spend the day together. At the office, she calls Randall a “congressman” instead of a councilman. She’s totally preoccupied with her phone and taking pictures. When she loses her phone, she completely freaks out. Randall becomes concerned.

Malik and Deja have their first chaperoned movie date. In the middle of the movie, Deja storms upstairs and wants Malik to leave. Malik eventually reveals that Deja’s upset because she wants to see her birth mom. Beth talks to Deja about it. Deja didn’t tell Beth or Randall because she didn’t want them to think she was ungrateful for what they’ve done for her. Beth doesn’t feel that way at all and agrees to help Deja see her birth mom. Deja wants to invite her mom to Thanksgiving dinner.

Kate is trying to get Jack to eat solid foods but it’s not happening. Gregory manages to get Jack to eat avocado without any problems. Toby tries to do the same thing later. Even though this isn’t Jack’s “first” time eating solid foods, Kate lets Toby have this moment.

At Nicky’s court hearing, he tells the judge that he doesn’t feel remorse for breaking the window. He says it was the “best thing that ever happened to me.” If he didn’t break the window, he wouldn’t have stopped drinking or gone to AA. Kevin came back into his life because he got arrested. Nicky finally acknowledges that he’s been sick not broken. He’s now open to letting the people who care about him help. The judge doesn’t give him any punishment. He just has to remain in treatment. Later, Kevin and Nicky take Cassidy to see her husband. She’s ready to deliver the divorce papers if she has to. However, she’s going to see where life takes her. She tells Kevin that she’s so grateful for their friendship and hopes he finds his happy ending. He wants the same thing for her. Kevin wants Nicky to come to Thanksgiving dinner with him. Surprisingly, Nicky agrees.

When Rebecca and Randall return home, Randall learns that Rebecca has already lost one phone. Miguel had to buy her a new one recently. Randall tries to talk to Rebecca about this memory loss. She blames it on getting older and begins to get defensive. The situation only gets more intense when Randall upsets his mom with a hurtful comment. Randall is worried about his mom as he should be but he lets it go for now.


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