Board of Education member charged after teens smoked and drank in her Connecticut home

A Connecticut woman on a board of education was charged Tuesday for allegedly allowing a group of teenagers to party with alcohol and drugs inside her home after a school dance in October.

Alison Romkey, 52, is facing nine misdemeanor counts of permitting a minor to illegally possess liquor on private property or failing to halt possession, according to Connecticut State Police. Romkey, who also serves on the Bolton Board of Education, allegedly had more than 20 teenagers in her home who had access to beer, hard liquor and marijuana.

“Unfortunately, adults continue to take the risk of providing alcohol to our young children with impressionable minds,” police said in a press release. “Adults who permit minors to possess alcohol will be held accountable.”

An arrest warrant against Romkey said a trooper stopped a speeding teenager on Oct. 19 and found the boy was in possession of both alcohol and drugs. The high school students in the car told the officer they were on their way to a school dance after party that was happening at Romkey’s home and expected more illicit substances to be at the house.

Police arrived at Romkey’s house in Bolton, Connecticut, and informed the school board member and her husband about the allegations made during the traffic stop. The trooper asked Romkey and her husband if they would be cooperative and assist him in investigating the claim.

“Alison Romkey then responded by stating ‘ok I will take care of it,’ and proceeded to walk toward the basement stairs implying that she would resolve this matter,” the arrest warrant said.

The trooper stopped her and insisted that he go down first with Romkey and her husband in order to resolve the situation. Police found more than 20 teenagers in the Romkey’s finished basement with “numerous bottles of hard alcohol,” according to the warrant.

Police told the teens that they could avoid criminal charges if they put all of their contraband in the middle of the floor, emphasizing “this was their one chance in being honest.”

Several teenagers began forfeiting drugs and alcohol while others asked permission to go to their parked cars in order to give the police what they possessed. Other officers began searching the woods around the house and found two teenagers hiding.

About two or three teenagers who admitted to drinking were over the age of 18 but several more were underage, according to the warrant. They were all advised they should call their parents to come pick them up.

Police found two large bottles of Smirnoff vodka, three smaller bottles of vodka, several beers, and eight “custom bottles of mixed drinks containing alcoholic beverages,” according to the arrest warrant. Authorities also inventoried 14 vaping devices, a total of 39.5 grams of marijuana, and two glass smoking bowls with residue on them.

Romkey allegedly said to the troopers that “this is what teenagers do” as they poured out containers of alcohol on the grass outside the house, according to the warrant.

After all the teenagers returned home, Romkey asked officers if she would be arrested that night and whether she could get dressed. The trooper said she would not be arrested at the time and that police would be investigating the incident.

Romkey was released on a $2,500 bond and is expected to appear in court on Dec. 4. It is unclear whether she has an attorney.


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