‘Chicago Med’s Torrey DeVitto Teases ‘Jarring’ Phillip Reveal & ‘Another Side’ Of Manstead

Torrey DeVitto

Between her brain injury and being caught between Will and Phillip, Natalie hasn’t had it easy. HL spoke with Torrey DeVitto about what’s next for Natalie and the possibility of a reunion with Will.

The fall finale of Chicago Med is right around the corner and Natalie’s memory is going to finally start to return. Natalie got into a nasty car accident at the end of season 4 and the traumatic brain injury she suffered caused her to have some memory loss. “I am excited about the potential for her to get her memory back,” Torrey DeVitto told HollywoodLife at NBC’s Fall and Midseason Lunch on Nov. 11. “I feel that will help put so many pieces back together. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be to not have certain parts of your memory blacked out.”

Will and Phillip haven’t exactly made things easier for Natalie amid her struggles. Natalie recently broke up with Phillip and Will revealed the truth about how Phillip slipped an engagement ring on her finger when she was unconscious after the accident. Fans have been waiting for a reunion between Natalie and Will, but Natalie walked away from Will after breaking up with Phillip and told him to get out of her life. Torrey admitted she would love to see Natalie stay single for the time being.

“I want her to be single for a minute,” Torrey said. “I think she and April should go on a spa day together and get some girl time. Get some cocktails, go out dancing! But I feel like she has been through so much in her dating life that she just needs a break for a second. She needs to step back and just feel what she actually feels! Because finding out that she was allowing herself to be engaged to somebody that, had she had her memory, she would know that she didn’t want to be engaged to him is a lot. She needs to sit and ask herself, ‘What do I actually feel and who do I love?’”

Torrey teased that Phillip will be back and there will be “another reveal of who Phillip is” and it’s “a little jarring and shocking for her as well.” She added, “In the winter finale, we also do see another side of the dynamic of Manstead that we haven’t seen yet and I am very excited for fans to see it and see their reaction.” Chicago Med season 5 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.


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