‘The Challenge’ Recap: 2 Of The Strongest Girls In The Game Go Head-To-Head In A Physical Elimination

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One team blatantly throws a challenge and ends up losing one of their strongest players during the Nov. 13 episode of ‘The Challenge.’ Plus, Nany and Kam fight and Leroy is stuck right in the middle!

The Nov. 13 episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 begins with some excitement, as the entire house — except for Cara Mariacomes together to celebrate Jordan and Tori’s engagement. It isn’t long before the cutthroat aspect of the game comes into play, though. On team U.K., Rogan admits he’s ready to betray Dee, who he’s been hooking up with all season long. Rogan thinks Dee is the weakest player on his team, and wants her to be eliminated. However, he doesn’t want to have to vote her in himself, so he suggests that his team throw the next challenge so that Dee can be voted into an elimination by team U.S.

At the weekly challenge, every player has to run an obstacle course that’s being tugged behind a speedboat through the water. To make things more difficult, one player from the opposite team is also on the course, attempting to block their opponents. The girls complete the challenge first and they kill it, but then it’s time for the U.K. guys to compete. C.T. makes it clear that he’s officially chosen to align with Joss and Rogan (who also have Leroy, Kayleigh, Kam, Cara, Paulie, Ashley and Ninja in their alliance) by blatantly throwing the challenge and just running the time down on the clock without finishing. This means team U.S. automatically wins.

Naturally, the players in the other alliance who are also on team U.K. (Jordan, Tori and Jenny) are livid. Plus, Dee is shocked to learn that she was not let in on this plan. Team U.S. chooses Kam as the speaker of the team, and she picks Leroy and Nany to be in the Tribunal with her.

At the nominations, team U.K. wastes no time voting Tori in, even though she’s one of the strongest girls on their team. Now, it’s up to Leroy, Kam and Nany to choose her opponent. Leroy and Kam want them all to come to an agreement on the decision, but Nany is hesitant, since she’s playing in a different alliance than them. This leaves Leroy in the middle — after all, Kam is his on/off love interest, while Nany is his longtime best friend. The ladies get into a pretty intense screaming match after a night out, and Leroy is not happy about how things are blowing up.

Before the elimination, C.T., Paulie, Joss and Rogan fill Leroy in on the plan of voting in Dee. However, they don’t want him to let the other girls in the alliance know what’s going on. Leroy refuses to blindside the women on his team, so he tells them the plan. Rogan knows that Dee’s friends, Ninja, is likely going to tell her about what went down behind her back, so he enlists C.T. to talk to Dee about it himself. Naturally, she explodes, and breaks down in tears while confronting Rogan about it.

At the proving ground, Nany votes for Kayleigh, and Kam votes for Jenny, who she wants to prove herself as the final rookie in the game. Leroy ends up sticking with Kam and voting for Jenny, too, so it’s a battle between Tori and Jenny in one of the most physical eliminations in the game — hall brawl. The ladies have to race down a giant hallway from opposite ends and get past their opponent in the middle to reach their bell on the other side.

The first round is so close, that the tapes have to be checked to see who won, and Tori gets the point. She pulls out a win in the second round, too, and wins the elimination, sending Jenny home.


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