‘Chicago P.D.’s Burgess Makes A Decision About Her Surprise Pregnancy

Chicago PD

Burgess learns she’s pregnant during the Nov. 13 episode of ‘Chicago P.D.’ and makes a decision that will change her and Ruzek’s life forever.

A Burzek baby is on the way! Burgess cuts her arm while chasing a suspect during the Nov. 13 episode of Chicago P.D. When she goes to the hospital to get stitched up, she learns that she is about 4 weeks pregnant. This means that little hookup between Burgess and Ruzek a few episodes back is when she got pregnant. To say that Burgess is shocked is an understatement. She doesn’t waste any time telling Ruzek when she sees him next.

Like Burgess initially was, Ruzek is stunned by the pregnancy news. He has a few questions and asks Burgess, “What do you want to do?” She has discussed wanting kids before so he brings up the question again. “I do want kids. Someday,” she tells him. Ruzek says he’ll be there for her no matter what she decides.

Later, Burgess tells Ruzek that she’s made an appointment to get an abortion for the next day. He doesn’t question her about her decision and they tackle the current case. Once the day is over and the young boy they were looking for is found, Ruzek finds Burgess in the locker room.

Ruzek tells Burgess that he doesn’t want her to be dealing with this all alone. He stresses that he doesn’t want to influence her, he just wants to know what’s going on. “Maybe it’s selfish of me with this job and being single but I don’t want to miss the opportunity to be a mom and I don’t want to make a decision I might regret,” Burgess says.

When Ruzek asks what she means, Burgess replies, “I don’t know what it means. Other than I canceled the appointment.” Ruzek sits down with her and says, “We’ll be OK.” Big changes are ahead for these two, that’s for sure. Chicago P.D. season 7 airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.


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