‘RHOC’ Recap: Tamra Judge Accuses Shannon Beador Of Turning Kelly Dodd Against Her

Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador hashed things out during the Nov. 12 episode of ‘RHOC’, after Tamra caught wind of the fact that both Shannon and Kelly were talking crap about her.

Tamra Judge went on a romantic vacation with her husband, Eddie, but when she returned, during the Nov. 12 episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, she was bombarded by a slew of hateful texts and also discovered that Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd had talked crap about her while she was away. So much for getting some peace and quiet, right? It all started when Braunwyn and Shannon told Kelly that it was Tamra who first brought up her bar fight with another woman. Kelly was told by Tamra that Braunwyn had initially brought it up, so when Kelly found out the real story, she was floored. She also learned, via Shannon, that it was Tamra who was first to bring up the “train” rumor. Kelly initially thought Vicki was the one to bring it up — and she was — but Tamra was the first one to mention a “train” of any kind. Again, Kelly was shocked.

Kelly became so upset that she retaliated by telling Shannon that Tamra had been talking crap about her, too. Kelly said that Tamra once said Shannon was getting fat again. Kelly also told Shannon that Tamra suggested she was being dramatic by going to the hospital when they were in Arizona. So, unsurprisingly, Shannon became upset with Tamra, but she didn’t say anything since Tamra was on vacation with Eddie, and Shannon didn’t want to interrupt their time together. Especially if they were having sex. (Her words, not ours.)

Anyway, upon her return, Tamra caught wind about everything and reached out to Kelly to ask why she was talking crap about her. And that’s when Tamra found out that Shannon also told Kelly about the “train” rumor and how it started, so Tamra became furious with her so-called BFF. So she invited Shannon to meet with her, so they could hash things out. At first, Tamra accused Shannon of being a “puppet master”, which is a term that’s been thrown around a lot on this show. But after some talking, Tamra realized that Kelly was behind most of this — her and the other ladies. And because she has such a deep history with Shannon, she said she was willing to give her another chance. But as far as Kelly is concerned, Tamra said she’s completely “done” with her and would never be her friend again. Yikes!

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