Watercolor tattoos are Ondrej Konupcik’s speciality. The 31-year-old Znojmo, Czech Republic native goes by the name ONDRASH. Konupcik has made a name for himself not only for his style, but for the concern he shows his clients, seeing only one person per day.

“He wasn’t satisfied with my response to his ‘what’s the meaning of this tattoo’ question because that didn’t give him anything to work with,” writes one of his clients. “He needed the story behind it… by asking me to tell him more about myself, he was able to pick something that inspired him. It was SO different from my original idea… yet, he presented me with something even better. How awesome is it that he was able to create something that I couldn’t even imagine from the words that I spoke to him?”

More info: ondrash.com | zkruhu.cz | FacebookInstagram | Behance (h/t: designyoutrust, inkedmag)

“I work on one customer a day so I have enough time for each person”

 “I have no catalogs”

“I like to draw tattoos directly onto skin of the customers, as if they are tailor-made”

“The customer writes me what they wish and I draw it for them”

“The lines then perfectly fit with the curves”

“I see it very personally—often as a legacy of experiences and feelings of my client”

“Almost every tattoo I’ve done, I could tell you the story behind it”

“It is my task in the design process to illustrate exactly what the client has long desired for their own original tattoo”