I love animals and I love reading. I studied literature before I studied art. When I began my everyday drawing series I incorporated my love of animals into my work. As my art career grew I drafted many kids books and pitched them to publishers. After many attempts, I still haven’t sold any (I will keep trying).

Meanwhile I began selling prints of my animal artwork. At first friends bought them, then friends of friends, then strangers… and the animal prints even ended up in the nursery on the TV show Modern family. Most of the people who buy animal prints put them in children’s rooms. I had never seen them in person until I went to visit one of my friends. My prints were above her son’s bed. I realized then that children are growing up with this art. My work is now on the walls of my daughter’s nursery.

So maybe I don’t have a kids book they can love, but I have the next best thing. Children wake up and drift off to dreams looking at my art. For me, that’s a big success. I also draw illustrations of everyday love, which you can see here.

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Sleepy bear

Three of us

Bears need sleep

Bear down

Love train


Kitty love

Up and away


Pa ra pa pum pum


Winter fun

Floating Love

Dancing Days


Grand view

Wild love

Bear necessities