After struggling for years in writing and drawing picture books, I am well aware of the hardship that every creator goes through in trying to find our audience. We all started out full of hopes and dreams, in search of someone who understands and appreciates our talents.

Whether you are a writer, a composer, an artist, or simply someone looking for love, we are all looking for a ‘listener’.

But the path is often riddled with disappointments. When that happen, rather than to give up chasing our dreams, we should instead stop to listen to the whispers from the bottom of our hearts. And most of the time, the answers that we seek are within us.

“The Loudest Whisper In The Universe” is a short, picture-story of a lonely Girl who sang a song that no one can hear. Until she started listening…

“There’s a song

that your heart sings.

Listen hard

for that gentle whispering.”

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