I am an Indian artist, illustrator and storyteller based in Berlin, when I came to Europe I was surprised to see the way cycling was looked at, there was a lot of talk about “environment” and “thinking green”. In India, where I come from, the bicycle is a necessity and I can also take the liberty to add that it’s mostly a poormans mode of transportation, many businesses run on these and most of the people who use them don’t even think about the contribution they are making to the environment. I grew up the same way, where there was one bicycle at home which was used by everyone and for different purposes. Apart from loving them and going for long rides I also like illustrating stories around them, here are some illustrations that celebrates the spirit of this two wheeled wonder in my part of the world, I hope you like the small stories and message they carry.

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The Vegetable vendor who looked like he was carrying a big broken heart.

All cylinders firing!

Heading home.

Selling heart shaped baloons!

The school teacher from old city in Ahmedabad.

Young girls from the village learning how to ride.

Cotton candy man.

The guy selling streamers, trinkets and plastic flowers on the highway.

A couple

Another couple from the yesteryear.

A village girl lugging water.