As the world has become more and more flat, every corner of the earth has been discovered by adventurous people. Millions of pictures of landscape appear on our newsfeeds everyday that makes us feel our planet diminished.

However, more than those images and more than conventional landmarks, the earth out there is still an endless source of inspiration through the eyes of artists.

“Explore the world”, a graphic design project by IELTS Planet and Bratus Agency, is like an adventure that welcomes you out of the boring definition of travelling. Because commencing with this journey, you experience through the steam train Jacobites of the 1900s, then cross the legendary 66 Route in United State and exist between the virtual landscape of “Red Beach” in China or Bonlivia salt field.

Exotic destinations are illustrated with minimal style. Through geometry, in combination of lighting and shadow, the collection is truly challenging to the artists. It requires cleverness and emotional sublimation.

“Study. Live. And explore” – the message conveyed through the project by IELTS Planet is a gift for their users of online courses, Premium IELTS. By this way, they expect to make sense to their students’ learning journey.



More info:

The World’s most iddylic bomb site, “Hidden beach” of Mexico

Playing “hide and seek” under crystal clear water with stunning marine life.

An escapte to Monserrat Stairway to Heaven, Barcelona

9 stone stairs forged by the desire to thrive.

A magnificent Sơn Đoòng Cave, Vietnam

Nurturing a primitive vitality under the toughness of ancient forests.

The Secret Gateway to Heaven, Bali

Watching white clounds over the ethereal Mount Agung.

The death-defying swing at the end of the World, Ecuador

“A swing to dangle you off the very edge”

Paro Taktsang, Bhutan

A prominent Buddhist scared site with a breath of sprituality over a 3120-meter cliffside

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

The absolute surreal crystalized salt flats – the world’s largest mirror.

All alone floating on the blue ocean

A solitary mysterious cabin on a remote islandic island, Elliðaey

Route 66, California

The legendary route heading from West to East of the America

Incredible Red Sea beach, China

Unusual landscape with bloody red seedweep

Jacobite Steam Train, Scotland

The real-life “Hogwarts Express” of Harry Potter rolling through the forgotten land

The most bizarre manmade land of sand and surf, Dubai

Whispering the stories of sand hills fostered by the millennial wind.

Creative Director / Art Direction: Jimmi Tuan
Project Lead / Senior Graphic Designer: Trang Pham
Illustration: Trang Pham, Tonbui
Support Designer: Huynh Co
Account: Thanh Diem, Hien Nguyen
Client: IELTS Planet
Design Agency: Bratus