As every artist knows you keep on producing more and more every year. Sometimes I sift through my older work, looking back on what I made in the past and whether it’s worth to maybe give it a second chance. So I came across my project; Marvin the Robot. (yes 😉 dedicated to the robot of the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy)

When finishing art school I made these robot illustrations as a part of my graduation. Looking back, I think I should consider working on it again, add more details, make the background more real. The idea of the project was that everything in the pictures should be handmade or real. I wanted to see if I could trick people in thinking I photo-shopped it.

The story is about Marvin the Robot, who discovers that he is almost broken. Together with his robot dog he is going to try to fix it, before he completely breaks down.

I would love to hear your feedback 🙂 

More info:

Marvin the robot, with his robot dog.

Marvin the Robot, being sad because something seems broken

Marvin the Robot, introduction

How I am building the image together

Making pictures

Trying to create a 3d effect in a 2d picture.