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Justin Bieber Accuses Hailey Baldwin Of ‘Farting’ & She Gets So Embarrassed — Watch

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Hailey Baldwin has had enough of Justin Bieber’s fart jokes — and she made that perfectly clear by showing him how annoyed she was in a new video posted to his Instagram on Nov. 12.

Even at 25 years old, Justin Bieber clearly still gets a kick out of making jokes about someone farting. The singer and his wife, Hailey Baldwin, were out for a drive on Nov. 12, when he began pestering her about letting one loose. “Babe, did you fart?” he asks, in a video posted to his Instagram story. “You farted, didn’t you? You farted, didn’t you? You let out a big gassy one?” Well, Hailey was having NONE of it, as she attempted to cover her face and begged Justin to stop.

“Stop! You’re not funny!” she protests. “Pleaseeeeee. Stop!” Justin and Hailey are only a little over a year into their marriage, but it looks like they’re already fighting like an old married couple! Of course, it was all in good fun, and we’re sure Hailey got over her annoyance once Justin stopped joking about her ‘farting.’ In fact, that same day, the lovebirds were photographed out on a lunch date together.

Justin and Hailey’s relationship has been in headlines recently thanks to the release of his ex, Selena Gomez’s, new song, “Lose You To Love Me.” The track is about the downfall of her relationship with Justin, and makes a specific reference to how fast he moved on from her with Hailey. Selena admittedly went through a dark time after the breakup, but is in a much better place now, and released the song as part of her healing process.

Justin and Hailey got together at the end of May 2018, just two months after he and Selena ended their most recent reconciliation in March of that year. The singer’s romance with Hailey was quite the whirlwind, too, as they were engaged by that July and tied the knot at a courthouse in September. The pair celebrated their love with a second wedding on Sept. 30, 2019 in South Carolina, where they were joined by friends and family.


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