On Christmas Eve, one greedy pooch named Bubba snuck into the kitchen and secretly ate the whole turkey bird. The naughty dog’s owner David Barrett from Prestwick, South Ayrshire, realized what happened only when he saw the doggie collapsing on the floor. Bubba was so bloated that it made the Chi Apso (a mix between Chihuahua and Lhasa Apso) unable to move.

The family pet only left a tiny piece of the Christmas dinner, but it wasn’t nearly enough to feed the Barretts. The canine’s owner decided to share the hilarious story on Twitter. He tweeted: “No chance has my silly dog scranned the whole turkey for tomorrow.” Then Barrett added a picture with the following caption: “There’s the culprit; she can’t move.”

Fortunately, the Christmas dinner was saved when the family got the relatives to bring another turkey. And as for Bubba… Her owner is fixing a new doggie diet right after the New Year.

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Realizing that his dog ate the Christmas turkey, David Barrett posted:  “There’s the culprit, she can’t move”

The greedy doggie only left a tiny piece of the turkey, but it wasn’t nearly enough to feed the Barretts

As for Bubba… Her owner is putting the dog on a New Year diet