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Kodak Black: Why The Rapper Will Likely Serve Nearly All Of His 46-Month Prison Sentence

Kodak Black was sentenced to 46 months in prison in Miami on Nov. 13 after pleading guilty to a federal gun case and FL state attorney Lee Pearlman EXCLUSIVELY spoke to HL about what he can expect from here.

Kodak Black, 22, made headlines in a Miami courtroom on Nov. 13 when he was sentenced to 46 months in prison and three years supervised release by Judge Federico Moreno in his weapons case. He pleaded guilty in Aug. to charges that stemmed from an arrest at the Rolling Loud Festival back in May and now that he’s officially sentenced, everyone’s wondering if the rapper will have serve his maximum sentence or be let out early. Lee Pearlman, FL state attorney, EXCLUSIVELY spoke with HollywoodLife about Kodak’s sentencing, including how 46 months is “a reasonable amount” of time and why programs and cooperation could help him in this case.

“It was probably a reasonable amount and bear in mind they took into his account his record and the other pending charges. He apparently has a sexual assault charge in South Carolina,” Pearlman EXCLUSIVELY told us about the sentencing. “In this case he cooperated and originally prosecutors were looking for a 96-month sentence from the court. Obviously the cooperation he gave was substantial and it was sufficient that they believed he should receive half of the sentence he was originally entitled to and the court agreed and gave that to him.”

Pearlman went on to say that although it’s hard to know exactly how much actual time behind bars Kodak will serve, he should have to do at least 85% of the 46-month sentence. “He was sentenced in federal court and these sentencing guidelines are so complex. Each federal court actually has its own department,” he explained. “In addition to good behavior, there are a lot of programs that can be done like educational, vocational, counseling, etc. There are other programs and conditional releases that apply but I think that it’s safe to say as a general rule, he will serve 85 percent of that sentence. It could be less if things go very smoothly and if he gets classified a certain way which would allow him to do these additional programs.”

Kodak’s final sentencing comes after he was initially faced with possibly serving 10 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to “2 counts of knowingly making a false and fictitious written statement in connection with the acquisition of a firearm”, according to TMZ. He had been in federal custody since his arrest in May and although he wanted to be released while the case unfolded, he was denied bail by a judge who said he was a danger to the community.


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