Adventure moms Brooke Froelich (30), Morgan Brechler (25) and Shannon Robertson (28) share their love of the outdoors with their kids through rock climbing, camping and hiking.

The trio is set to be the subject of the first film in the Born Wild project, which will bring the adventures of parenting into the testoserone-heavy genre of adventure film. We’ll follow as they seek summits, make mudpies, and learn how nature and the bonds it nourishes can empower both parents and children to reach their greatest potential. The mission of the series (and the community-centric website that will compliment it) is to empower parents to raise kids who are connected with wilderness and wildness.

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Mom Shannon with Skye (1) on her back

Stunning landscapes

Peaceful night with family

Hadlie (4) and mom Morgan take a break from bouldering to paint

Bodhi (3), Shannon’s son, plays while his mom takes on some rock climbing

The three moms trade screen time for time spent outdoors

What many mornings look like for these kids

Good morning! Brooke and Huck (11 months)

Brooke and Huck climbing outside of Salt Lake, Utah

Shannon and Skye in the backcountry

Let’s go! Bouldering in the Buttermilks in California

We’ll take this view any day

Breakfast tastes better outside

Morgan, Hadlie, Brooke and Huck goofing off outside of Moab, Utah

Hadlie (4) tackles a bouldering problem

Brooke and Morgan go for a walk in the woods with their kids on their backs

Peaceful walk along the lake

Parents having fun. Meanwhile, kids are pretty busy

The crew


Morgan + Hadlie Brechler

Shannon + Skye + Bodhi Robertson and Brooke + Huck Froelich