I would like to share with you amazing pictures of my friend Irena Stangierska from our trip to South Albania. We are a group of passionate cave divers who love to travel to rare and special places.

On our trip we were diving in caves which were already known to us but also looking for something new (sometimes walking with a stick around frogs in some wetlands). We managed to dive in three caves: Viroit, Skotini and Petranik, but the most magnificent is the first one. It was explored this year by a polish explorer-diver Krzysztof Starnawski to a depth of 240m. Cave is located close to a beautiful old city of Gjirokaster.

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Cave pool

First part of the cave

Skotini cave

Cave pool in Petranik

Tunnel at the depth of 50m connecting two pits

Entrance to the cave