I shot these photos around North and South America using my camera’s double exposure feature, without doing any kind of post-production compositing in Photoshop.  I use a Fuji x100s and it’s the best camera I’ve ever owned. It suits my shooting style perfectly, like a hand in a glove and I take it with me everywhere I go, which increases the chances of catching these moments.

I look at it as a creative exercise, to sharpen my instincts as a shooter since the camera only stores the first exposure for a couple of minutes before the second one must be captured. So they must be made quickly, and in the moment, not back at home on my computer. I was always inspired by surrealistic artists such as Magritte and M.C. Escher, and I try and take the everyday world, and recombine its elements into different strange ways. I call it The Hasselgram Project (inspired by Hasselblad black and white square images). Thanks for looking!

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