On the 9th of August 2015, an abandoned factory was reopened in a small town in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. The reopening, after decades of being forgotten, happened thanks to the work of 3 young guys. Artist collective HAD opened their first exhibition WALLS, bringing new forms of street art to Bosnia. Their work was formed based on their individual preferences when it comes to style and technique; taking into consideration that their professions are different – one is a student of architecture, one is a painter and one is a street artist. Because of their unique mix, doing a mural was not an option, it was too easy and too safe. So they decided to go deeper.

Using wall cut technique, they are penetrating the walls to open their structure and give them new life. By deconstructing, they are creating something new, giving a purpose to walls that have been neglected for decades. Their new projects are outdoors, working on walls in city centers but as they say – abandoned industrial spaces will always be their preference.

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