Our spring sprung really late this year, but when it finally did I offered a free session to kick off the season. I had NO idea the pictures would be so popular, and before I knew it, I was doing photo shoots every day.

I am not a professional photographer, but I do enjoy taking photos of pets. Usually, I donate my session fee’s to animal rescues in our area. What money I keep from them goes back into buying more treats to bribe with or props to use.

The winner of the free session was a white German Shepherd named Ember, and at the end of the session on our way home, we noticed a magnolia tree with a broken off limb. So we pulled over and got some shots of Ember in the blossoms. They were so popular, and before I knew it, everyone was asking for blossom photos.

Spring doesn’t last long in Indiana, so I’ve been doing 2-3 shoots a day (along with working at my full time job!) But, here are some of the pics we’ve been getting.

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This is Ember- Peeking through the branches

She was after the treat I had, so poked her head right through the blossoms

Daisy Doodle

Daisy had her session in the rain, she’s all wet!

She didn’t want to back into that bush, but was a good sport anyway

Dillinger was more interested in smelling the blossoms than posing

He was so tall, all we needed to do was put him on a picnic table and he was in the tree!


Captain Morgan was short enough to look amazing with some wildflowers along the road

But, he still had his moment with a cherry tree, That tongue is always out!

Tease didn’t wanna look at me

Azaria looking like a beautiful lady in the blossoms. Her mom had to hold her up there!

Cain was an adopta-bull! He was sooo handsome

and the best part is….