A few years ago we came up with this idea of organizing all the photo sequences we had from the city of Montréal to create a time-lapse archive. First, we needed a name, and from several options we decided to refer to it as “Québec Deluxe” because we wanted it to cover the entire Province.

We started with Montréal because knew all the landmarks and interesting spots. Montréal is a beautiful city with lots of public art displayed everywhere.

As you may know, the landscape changes drastically during the year and of course that changes the way we have to prepare to take pictures as well, especially for time-lapse photography because you have to be out there waiting for the cameras to shoot 300 photos to complete each scene (300 photos become 10 seconds of video rendered at 30fps).

Back in December 2002, we were at the Mont Royal overlook around 8pm capturing the skyline under freezing temperatures and noticed that the batteries, which usually last more than two hours, only lasted 20 minutes that night. Another situation we encountered was that intervalometer display was freezing so it was really hard to program the interval for the photo sequence we were working on.

Shooting in summertime is easier and faster. As a matter of fact, the first video of the archive was shot entirely during Summer 2016 and released in Fall that year. The only problem we had was at the Berri-UQAM metro station when two police officers asked us if we had a permit even though we were not obstructing people from boarding or leaving the trains. Fortunately, this happened when we were finishing up because we had to leave immediately.

For the second video, released in Spring 2018, we have included photo sequences from all different seasons, and that’s why we call it “Montréal Total.”

One of the last photo sequences of this video, created during the Montréal En Lumiére event, is the most intense and colorful scene we have ever created. Hands down!

We invite you to watch the video and enjoy the 3-minute virtual tour of Montréal.

More info: vimeo.com

Downtown Montreal

The Leonard Cohen Mural Seen From The Mont Royal Overlook

The Leonard Cohen Mural Seen From The Mont Royal Overlook

Sculpture by Jaume Plensa

People Havng Fun On The Ice Rink

Panoramic View Of The Olympic Stadium

A Very Unique Spot In Downtown Montreal

Panoramic Photo At Night

From The Place Ville Marie Observation Deck In Winter

From The Place Ville Marie Observation Deck In Winter