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Blake Shelton Gushes Over Gwen Stefani As She Slays In Pink & White Mini: She Looks ‘Delicious’ — Watch

Blake Shelton thought his GF Gwen Stefani was looking like a snack as they headed into the live episode of ‘The Voice.’ He said her pink and white fluffy mini-dress made her look ‘delicious.’

Gwen Stefani‘s outfit for the Nov. 12 episode of The Voice had her boyfriend Blake Shelton salivating. As usual, Gwen used IG stories to show off the better part of her day. After getting her hair and makeup done, she and Blake arrived at the studio and when she got out of the car, the 50-year-old beauty showed off her pink and white horizontal striped mini-dress that was made of soft, feathery material. The 43-year-old country superstar gushed, “Look at that. Doesn’t she look like a delicious ball of cotton candy? Delicious,” as Gwen beamed with a smile at the compliment and did a twirl.

“I could go further into that but it could get disgusting,” Blake joked as Gwen continued walking on. She really did look amazing, with her light blonde locks pulled up in a high ponytail, diamond drop earrings and white calf-high heeled boots that made her look like a retro go=go dancer. Even her makeup was done to match her outfit with a frosty pink lip and super long lashes.

What’s great is how completely unfazed Blake is about all of Gwen’s social media activity. He was seen looking at his phone with a cup of coffee in his other hand  as he got into the van with Gwen, who was all dolled up for the show. He kind of shook his head and smiled as he realized he was being filmed for her stories.

The couple’s outfits couldn’t have been more opposite. Gwen wore a jeans and a t-shirt when they arrived together at the studio in the morning, while Blake wore pretty much the same outfit he was in while on the way to work as he did on the air. Earlier in Gwen’s IG stories she showed Blake in the front seat of their mini-van with her in the back and she asked him, “Where are you going Blake?” “Going to work. Are you Instagramming us or Snapchapping?” he responded to which Gwen loved his mangling of the word “Snapchat.” He later wore the same casual blue jacket he had on in the van to the show’s taping, adding a red plaid shirt underneath and changing from light blue jeans into a darker denim.



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