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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Still Have A ‘Deep Bond’ 6 Years After Split: Why He ‘Appreciates’ Her

Kristen Stewart

Exes Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart went through something many many moons ago that has helped them remain in each others lives even though they split in 2013.

Robert Pattinson, 33, and Kristen Stewart, 28, have moved on from one another in the love department but it appears as if they are still very amicable towards each other years after their split. An HollywoodLife insider EXCLUSIVELY revealed details about their relationship today, where the former couple still keep in touch even if it isn’t the same compared to what it used to be. “Rob and Kristen talk from time to time,” the source revealed. “It isn’t anything that is planned but they still support each other because they are genuine friends. They both went through something with Twilight that most people never even deal with. They grew up in Hollywood in such a way together and what they dealt with created a deep bond.”

What a journey it has been for them since their rise to superstardom in the Twilight saga over a decade ago. Robert’s spotlight is about to become that much bigger thanks to him landing the role as Batman in the upcoming feature slated to be released in 2021. Kristen, who just starred in the newest movie version of Charlie’s Angels, gushed over him playing the iconic character in a recent interview, saying that she “can’t wait” to see the film and is excited for him to utter the words “I’M BATMAN!”

Turns out those words have a struck a chord with him in the most positive of ways. “When it comes to her confidence in him and support she has for him for his future role as Batman, he really appreciates it because coming from her is something that he holds as something very important and special as he really respects her thoughts,” the insider continued.

Kristen Stewart
Former couple Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson together on the red carpet. Credit: Shutterstock

The source continued, “Receiving accolades and kind words from people is always nice but when it comes from people who are important to Rob that is something else all together.”

Robert and Kristen began dating in the summer of 2009 before officially calling things off four years later. He went on to date British singer FKA Twigs, 31, while Kristen is currently in a relationship with screenwriter Dylan Meyer.


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