My name is Mustafa Cankaya. I’m a stage and portrait photographer from Istanbul and also work at Ataturk Airport. The diversity of people who are transiting through the airport gave me the idea to start this project that I named ‘100faces100countries’. Istanbul has always been a transition point throughout the history for its unique location and, today, Ataturk Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. The main object of this project is to take pictures of 100 portraits from 100 different countries. I’m taking 2 pictures of each attendee, the first one is a just face portrait, staring forward into camera and second one is their current situation at the airport (such as reading a book, waiting for the flight, drinking coffee, etc.)

So far I have 21 portraits from 20 different countries and I will continue the project with the hope of having an exhibition of 100 different countries.

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The collage of 21 faces; 20 countries

#1 Ivory Coast

#1 Eric from Ivory Coast

This guy made me feel like I’m taking pics of Jamie Foxx, thanks Eric for the pose.

#2 Uzbekistan

#2 Adelya from Uzbekistan

Adelya is actually living in Switzerland, she had just a short time for the shooting before her flight to Geneva.

#3 USA / Illinois

#3 Wendie from USA / Illinois

Her tattoo made me ask Wendie to take a picture of her and I loved the result.

#4 Italy

#4 Luca from Italy

Luca killing time at Atatürk Airport while solving puzzles

#5 Morocco

#5 Khadija from Morocco

We didn’t speak the same language with Khadija but there is always a way to understand each other.

#6 Mali

#6 Jaja from Mali

Jaja had some time for me after his lunch to shoot his unique local style from Mali.

#7 Cameroon

#7 Fatime from Cameroon

Fatime is actually studying in the States, she had a long layover before her flight to Cameroon.

#8 South Korea

#8 Seon Jun from South Korea

Seon Jun had vacation at Egypt with his cat in the pink bag. Now heading back to Seoul

#9 France

#9 Quentin from France

Quentin is running a rafting company in South France. Traveling together with his friends.

#10 Syria

#10 Prof Al-Ahmad from Syria

Prof Al-Ahmad is currently teaching physics in Göteborg.

#11 Slovenia

#11 Ana from Slovenia

Ana is flying to New Delhi for yoga classes, good luck over there.

#12 Bermuda

#12 Benson from Bermuda

Benson is one of the 63779 habitants in Bermuda & I had the chance to meet him for my project. Lucky me 🙂

#13 Brazil

#13 Gabriella from Brazil

Happily Gabriella understood my Spanish 🙂 she was traveling to Germany with her friend.

#14 the Netherlands

#14 Simon from the Netherlands

Simon, the playwright from the Netherlands supposed to write about me.

#15 Uganda

#15 Zamu from Uganda

Zamu is waiting for her flight to US. As it is seen waiting could be boring sometimes.

#16 Sweden

#16 Beatrice from Sweden

Beatrice went to Golomolo in Uganda. I love the people who are working for NGO’s

#17 UK / Wales

#17 Geraint from UK / Wales

I later discovered that Geraint is a director :O

#18 Haiti

#18 Siamene from Haiti

Siamene just arrived from Bulgaria heading to motherland Haiti for vacation.

#19 Nigeria

#19 Agboola from Nigeria

This cool guy is from Nigeria,he’s got the style.

#20 Canada

#20 Melissa from Canada

Having a filter coffee before her flight to Miami