The idea behind these pictures is to tap on those small, eldritch nuances that can be delivered via a picture in a way that it gives the viewer the heebie-jeebies right away, without having to analyze or explain. Some of these creepy things are clichés (I bet you’ve seen many of them before in other forms), some are direct visual objects or scenes, yet in most cases I found that the actual unease comes from something deeper, that is hard to put into words, to name.

I call this project “The many offsprings of Lilit”. Lilit is an ancient mythological being of babylonian origin, a female demon, who lives in the night, eats babies and she is the cause of sickness, madness and all nightly horrors. Also (in later stories) she is regarded as the first mate of Adam (created from the same soil), who left Eden by her own will, and in the desert she procreated, gave birth to thousands of abominations.

These pictures are my first artsy project and I posted them here in hope of getting some honest critique.