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Gwen Stefani Giddily Reveals Her & Blake Shelton’s New Couple’s Name: ‘I’m Really Excited About It’

After more than four years together, it’s about time that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani settle down…and pick an official couple’s name! What Gwen came up with is actually really cute!

“Alright, just so you know, I’ve got a new nickname for me and Blake [Shelton],” Gwen Stefani, 50, said in a video posted to her Instagram Story on Nov. 12. First off, in a world full of names like “Shamila” and “Jailey,” it’s absurd that these two have gone so long without a romantic-themed portmanteau. Secondly, the name that Gwen picked for her and Blake, 43, was worth the wait. What is it? “It’s called ‘Gwake,’” she told her followers, adding, “And I’m really excited about it.”

“It’s like Gwen and Blake together, but ‘Gwake,’” she said, explaining it for the people in the back row. As for who coined the term, Gwen was quick to credit her bae. “I didn’t make that up. [Blake] made it up.” Wait, so he’s funny, witty, slightly obscene, and sexy? She certainly has landed her a catch. He’s also sweet. In a second video posted to her Instagram story, Gwen was showered in compliments from her love. “Hey, look at that, doesn’t she look like a delicious ball of cotton candy? Delicious,” said Blake, as Gwen showed off the dress she wore while filming an episode of The Voice.

“I could go further into that…but it’ll get disgusting,” he added. Yes, there’s that brand of Blake Shelton love – one part heartwarming, one part NSFW. While Blake might get a bit filthy, his heart is the right place. Blake’s raunchy sincerity gave the censors a reason to wake up during the 2019 People’s Choice Awards. After accepting the award for The County Artist of 2019, Blake ended his speech by giving a special shoutout. “Gwen Stefani, I love the sh*t out of you.”

So, these two love each other, and they have a couple’s name. Does this mean they’re going to get engaged soon? There have been engagement rumors swirling around Gwake ever since these two started dating in 2015. Gwen addressed this speculation while on the red carpet at the People’s Choice Awards. When someone pointed out the gigantic diamond she was rocking on that finger, she acknowledged that while “it might be a real ring,” it wasn’t “a wedding ring. No, no.” She said she was wearing it on that finger because it wouldn’t fit on her other hand. As for people guessing when she and Blake will walk down the aisle, she told everyone to chill. “When I have something to say [about getting engaged], I’ll say it.” Until then, fans can just bask in the glow of the new couple’s name. Long live Gwake!


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