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David Eason Says He’ll Be ‘Exposing Everything’ About Jenelle Evans In Court: ‘The Truth Will Come Out’

Jenelle Evans’ estranged David Eason is threatening to expose things about her in court that will make fans’ ‘jaws drop.’

Jenelle Evans‘ estranged husband David Eason is threatening to expose her deepest secrets in court. She’s already obtained a restraining order against him, writing that “I am scared for my life and my children’s well-being” in her Nov. 4 filing for a temporary restraining order against David. She wants full custody of the couple’s daughter Ensley, 2, and David is promising a blow out court battle.

In an Instagram rant he threatened to share the former Teen Mom 2 star’s deepest secrets and a supporter told him he should get “paid to do it.” David doesn’t want the money and responded, “No I will be in court exposing everything you guys will make all your jaws drop.”

Jenelle packed up and fled their North Carolina farm known as The Land. She was last spotted in Tennessee at a bowling alley doing a family friendly drop off with ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith, 32, and their son Kaiser, 5. The drama unfolded rather rapidly for Jenelle and David, as on Oct. 25 he changed his Facebook profile picture to a photo of him kissing the former MTV star on the cheek with the caption, “I love my wife Jenelle Eason.” By Oct. 31, she shared in an Instagram post that she and her children had moved away and she was starting the divorce process.

By Nov. 10, the gloves were off. David posted to his Facebook account, “I can tell y’all right now is that I have tried to protect ppl and their reputation but the truth will come out soon!” He got divided support in the comments as one user named Cody was critical, writing “Desperate times call for desperate measures, huh? You feel threatened by her leaving and taking your child, don’t you? Should’ve thought about that before you acted the way you did. Actions have consequences, buddy.”

However, other fans had David’s back, even though he made headlines for shooting and killing Jenelle’s pet dog Nugget on April 30 after claiming it nipped at Ensley. It eventually resulted in Jenelle temporarily losing custody of Ensley and Kaiser while Child Protective Services investigated if the children were safe at her home with David. It also cost Jenelle her job as she was dropped by MTV’s Teen Mom 2. “I believe there’s more to the story. Jenelle is the messed up one here. I feel for you only because my brother went through the same stuff (minus the dog killing incident) i can not wait to hear about the juicy details. Blow it up…blow her sh*t show up buddy,” a fan named Michelle cheered on David in the comments.


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