When a stranger sends you a chat request on Facebook, it’s usually a good idea to just ignore it. One British woman received a message from an Indian scammer, and rather than just dismissing him, she decided to find out what he was all about. What ensued was a massively hilarious conversation that most likely left the guy wiping away tears of shame getting scammed himself.

The encounter seems inspired by ‘Barbara O’Cumbungle,’ the woman who exposed a fraudulent Nigerian priest scam over the summer, if not directly carried out by her under her new internet troll-appropriate alias – ‘Fellatia McSuckle.’ Either way, this crook had no idea what he was getting into, and you just have to scroll down and find out the best way to scamming scammers.

On a serious note, if someone you met online is asking you for money, or you’ve got a text message clearly coming from scammer numbers, it’s a wise idea to treat it with the utmost suspicion, no matter what reasons they give. Blocking and reporting the scammer is best, but if you’re in a comical mood, feel free to use this post as a template for your response.