Consent – no other term has been discussed so often in the past few years like this one. And no matter how many times people have thought about it, the meaning is still an enigma for some. And if you yourself have a doubt what affirmative consent means, it’s when a person voluntarily agrees to someone else’s wishes or desires.

Now, when it comes to discussing sensitive issues like rape and sexual consent, Twitter is often the most disastrous forum of them all. When a girl began arguing with a nursing student over the difference between abuse and regretful sexual encounter, one user had the perfect comeback to sum up her logic – or lack thereof. The rest of the Internet has also united to denounce her comments, as well as contribute their own points of view, and we’ve got it all on the screenshot for you below.

If you’re deciding to come online and offer your counsel on any given issue, at least make sure you’re fully aware of what you’re talking about first. Scroll down to follow this entire debate on consensual sex, and don’t forget to add your views at the end.

This nursing student perfectly summed up the difference between rape and regretting sex on Twitter…

And was countered by this user who disagreed with her

This brilliant comeback, however, exposes the problem with the girl’s argument

Some male users felt particularly perturbed by the supposed ‘revoked consent’ policy

Even female users, especially one rape survivor, took issue with it

There is actually some truth behind what the girl was trying to say

She brutally misfired, though, and the Internet had absolutely no time for it

Do you think consent can be revoked in retrospect, or does this concept harm real victims? Tell us below!