We, at Serial Kolor, are a creative agency, operating on interdisciplinary levels. We are passionate about telling stories – through integrating compelling designs, motion and sometimes live actions.

We turned vintage Greek canvases into Instagram posts. We chose couple of renowned vintage Greek artistic creations and modified them with insane inscriptions and hash tags. We made it like as the first craftsman transferred those a very long time prior. Much attention has also been paid to the details of each re-interpretation. The social media snapshots have retained their color while the rest of the canvases have faded, and timestamps like “8134w” have been included to reflect each artwork’s creation more than 150 years ago.

How about we examine a percentage of the famous canvases from the times passed by and remember them in the light that they ought to have been initially seen.

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You’re my favorite bitch

Invite me to play Candy Crush one more time

He’s my new BFF

We woke up like this?

These hoes ain’t loyal!