It’s always a great emotion when you’re asked to showcase your work in a gallery, let alone in a museum. So it was with joy that we accepted the invitation from the Ettore Fico Museum in Torino, a new cultural institution set amidst cutting edge post-industrial architecture, like we all love.

Our exhibition, which we named “Truth depends on where you see it from”, consists of three anamorphic installations. We chose to stick to our abstract/geometric register since we felt it dialogues beautifully with the other artists whose work is currently exhibited at the Museum, above all Florence Henri.

Our research goes as far back as Leonardo Da Vinci, Luca Pacioli and his design “bible”, the De Divina Proportione, spacing all the way to more modern inspirations such as the work of Lászlo Moholy Nagy, El Lissitzky, and Josef Albers.

We worked with solid and flat geometry, filling it, tearing it apart, switching perspectives, and pushing interaction with the surrounding architecture to the limit. We let the architecture choose whether our solids be just wireframe or bear sides, playing with each setting’s natural lighting.

More info:

Shape Of Things

Shape Of Things – Details

Shape Of Things – Making Of

Origin Of Symmetry

Origin Of Symmetry – Detail

Origin Of Symmetry – Making of

The Colour And The Shape

The Colour And The Shape – Detail

Image credits: Beppe Giardino

Shape Of Things – Sketch

Origin Of Symmetry – Sketch

The Colour And The Shape – Sketch

Shape Of Things

Origin Of Symmetry

The Colour And The Shape