‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season Premiere: [SPOILER] Proposes & [SPOILER] Learns She’s Pregnant

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ kicked off Season 16 with two major milestones: one character proposed and another unexpectedly learned she’s pregnant.

The Season 16 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy started with Meredith, Richard and Alex dealing with the consequences after Bailey fired them from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital for insurance fraud. Because Meredith fessed up to the crime, the charges that were previously pressed against DeLuca were dropped, and he was released from prison. And while she was only sentenced to a few weeks of community service, Meredith’s medical license is now in jeopardy, as she eventually learned that the board would be pursuing action against it. “There will be a hearing,” she told DeLuca in the final moments of the Sept. 26 episode.

As for Richard, he resorted to working for a medical app, and doing house calls for patients in need. But after becoming tired of it (and getting vomited on), he applied to a position at a nearby hospital. However, the hiring manager felt he was too old for the position, so he told Alex to apply and then, in turn, Alex could hire him for a different position. All the while, Alex was dealing with his own struggles, as Jo sought treatment at a psychiatric clinic, following her breakdown. Because of all the drama he had already dealt with in his life, she offered him an “out” and told him that she’s totally understand if he wanted to end their relationship. After all, they never did officiate their marriage license, so it’d be a clean break. But alas, Alex didn’t want to split with Jo. Instead, he proposed to her and asked her to marry him again! And she, of course, said yes.

Meanwhile, Maggie and Jackson’s lover’s quarrel didn’t end up having a happy ending. After he went missing in the middle of the deep fog situation, he was found rescuing a couple of climbers. And he and Maggie never really had a chance to continue their argument. Instead, they just went their separate ways — during the numerous weekly time-jumps that occurred throughout the season premiere — and he started romancing one of the EMTs that helped him rescue the climbers. In the end, after Maggie discovered that he was already pursuing another woman, she confessed to Jackson that she no longer “liked” him — and for her, it was clear that he no longer liked her either.

Also, after Teddy gave birth, Tom Koracick, who was promoted to the “chief of chiefs” at the hospital, discovered that she had gotten back together with Owen. But it didn’t really bother him because he predicted that their romance will eventually fail, and when it does, he’ll be there waiting because, as he admitted, he’s “in love” with her. But even so, Teddy moved forward in her relationship with Owen, all the while she was struggling with motherhood. Mommy duties didn’t come easy for Teddy, and she also didn’t love the idea of living in the house Owen bought for Amelia, so to further profess his love for her, Owen listed it and told her they’d find a new house to move into together.

Finally, as Amelia was about to propose a threesome (!) with Carina and Link, she discovered that she’s pregnant! She had no idea, but Carina said it had been obvious for quite some time due to her swelling breasts and fuller figure. Amelia, however, was floored upon realizing that she was, in fact, expecting a baby… which now begs the question — who’s the father?

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